Each human soul, before the birth, is given a programme, which includes in it different scenario lines, what means the pictures of exsistence, from which life is shaped.

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Original gift idea

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Numerology Original gift idea

Numerology is based on the ancient esoteric knowledge: any person comes into this life in a certain time, her/his name and the date of the birth define her/his personal features, his/her potencial abilities and problems, what ways she/he will have to pass and what kind of roads will cross his ways. As before the material world the whole Outer Space was defined by numbers or, if to be more precise, by their symbols and the world itself was being shaped by its vibrations, the programme of every person is defined by inborn vibrations which are reflected in numerical codes of her/his soul, fate and full name.

The founders of numerology were Piphagor and Plato. Euvklid was dealing with it, as well as Copernic, Leonardo da Vinchi, Micelangelo, Nostrdamus, Mendeljev, Ciolkovsky, Korolev and many other prominent people. 

Numerology is not fortune-telling and not forseeing is to analyse the character of the person and find out his possibilities. Numerological psychoanalysis is based on esoteric meaning of numbers and understanding of them as certain symbols, which express certain types and levels of energy, which appear in the fate of a person as abilities, talants, success, health, problems and etc.

Numerology, as all esoteric sciencies acknowledges the influence of reincornation. But not only. Numerology helps to understand what and why happens in this life. Each human soul, before the birth, is given a programme, which includes in it different scenario lines, what means the pictures of exsistence, from which life is shaped. In order to fulfill this programme energy of a certain type and level is needed, which, in its turn, is relevent to the level of development of the persons soul. Therefore it is so important to know your pprogramme and strictly follow to what is written in the Fate. It is also important because the individual programme of each person directs him towards the set of energies, relevant to his level of development for filling in his psychomatrix(we can call it spiritual or moral DNA). In other words it is the passport of the soul. It is the reason why at the moment of a persons birth his memory is erased. It is done for showing not his intellect, but the matrix of his soul, encoded in the numberes of his date of birth, his name, his father's name and his surname.

If the person does not follow his programme or, to put it in other words, lives not according the scenario of his Fate, he uses much more energy, which leads to life problems, diseases, but does not fill in his matrix(programme of the person's active life) by needed energies.

If you feel discomfort in life, if luck seems to leave you and you have serious, unpleasant problems, research your programme and start living in accordance with its requirements.

Thus, a person must live happily. If you live in accordance with your programme or, in other words, you use all the energies, planned for you, happy life becomes real and normal.


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