Each human soul, before the birth, is given a programme, which includes in it different scenario lines, what means the pictures of exsistence, from which life is shaped.

Original gift idea

Original gift idea

Make a gift to a friend, business partner or couples. Analysis may be delivered electronically (PDF file), or sent by mail.

Numerology Original gift idea

Life - is a continuous process. Each person has ups and downs, or relatively calm periods on his way. We are not able to observe this way, we are able only to feel, whether we live in accordance with our mission or not. If we linger at the same stage in our life, attempting to keep our habits unchanged, while by the scenario of our Destiny we have designed for another goals, on which another opportunities and energy are allocated, we run the risk to get fully a crook in the lot. These are the reasons of our problems, misfortune, and even diseases.

The chat is based on your septennial cycle.

The first number indicates the initial impetus of energy, with which you were born, and reflects the degree of your applicability, and the potential of self-realization.

In this chat you will be given not only the description of your life cycles, and energies under the influence of which you are in this whole cycle, but also practical advice how to get your subconscious work more productively at all times regardless of energy levels ups and downs.

You should not be afraid of your energy falls. This is a regular stage in the cycle development. Not so bad, when the gap between the upper and lower peaks is minor. But it is very bad when there is a sharp fall in energy, and it is finished on zero level.

This chat will determine such critical years in your life, and numerology will indicates how to reduce the degree of danger.



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