Each human soul, before the birth, is given a programme, which includes in it different scenario lines, what means the pictures of exsistence, from which life is shaped.

Original gift idea

Original gift idea

Make a gift to a friend, business partner or couples. Analysis may be delivered electronically (PDF file), or sent by mail.

Numerology Original gift idea

Full numerological psyhoanalysis

I will give you real knowledge about your spiritual essence. I will help you to realize the strong sides of your personality(what should be your support in solution of many life problems) as well as weaknesses and how to get rid of them, how people in your surrounding see you and how you form your relationships. I will show you the most favourable spheres of your activity, favourable periods in your life and your life cycles, as well as the difficulties which you may meet during different periods of your life, I will show you your karma debts and many other aspects of your essence and life.

Harmonic relationships (business-partners, relationships in marriage, friendship and etc.)

Is is common to say that marriage is the school of life. I will compile for you its curriculum, where I will show you the reasons for disharmony with your spouse or other members of your family. I will help you to make your life harmonic, joyful and happy. Numerology helps mathematically precisely understand and define the spiritual essence of your marriage and what it is like. While in friendly and partnership relations it is important to know with whom to be careful, who can be your enemy and who is your true friend.

Besides of your numerological analysis you will get the practical recommendations on working with your numbers and how to increase their positive impact, that is, I will teach you how to make  your numbers work for you.

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