Each human soul, before the birth, is given a programme, which includes in it different scenario lines, what means the pictures of exsistence, from which life is shaped.

Original gift idea

Original gift idea

Make a gift to a friend, business partner or couples. Analysis may be delivered electronically (PDF file), or sent by mail.

Numerology Original gift idea
Numerologist - Irina Zubkova My name is Irina Zubkova. I have Master degree in history and philosophy, esoteric.
I am a numerologist-practitioner with a long experience of positive work and positive evaluation from people who were earlier sceptical ”towards different kinds of fortune telling”.

Now I will follow with a short description of my services,based on real knowledge of ancient sciences:

* Full numerological psychoanalysis

* Harmonic relationships

Additionally to the analyses I will give you precise recommendations how to focus on the wave of your vibrations and to strengthen them, their possible influence or, in other words, how to make your waves work for your good.

If you make an order you will get a present from me – one of the two variants of the numerological analysis free of charge:

a) number – protector, number – enemy;

b) recommended colours and jewelry.

Not diminishing the positive sides of express-analysis of computer data, my analysis includes the methods, which are not available for cmputer processing. That is why your order will be fulfilled during 2-3 days.

You can communicate with me, put questions to me via my site or write me to the e-mail address:
I will be happy to answer your questions.

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